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What Happens If Your Dog Gets Ill in Kennels?

If you're boarding your dog in kennels, like Dogdayz Country Club, while you take a holiday, you won't be around to handle any problems that may happen during its stay. It's particularly important that you can rely on the facility to spot signs of illness and to act appropriately. How do boarding kennels manage dogs that become ill?

Who Checks Your Dog's Health?

During their regular dealings with your dog, kennel staff should be able to assess if it is a bit below par or showing signs of sickness. According to Victoria's animal boarding code of practice, staff should look out for symptoms of illness, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing and pain, and should report anything out of the ordinary to the facility's owner or their supervisor. Kennel staff may then arrange for your dog to see a vet if they think it is sick; they may also call you, if you're contactable, to tell you what is happening and to confirm that you're happy for your dog to see a vet.

Tip: Leave a contact number with the kennels if you can. If the facility can't get in touch with you in an emergency, it may have to make decisions on how to treat your dog without you.

Which Vet Will See Your Dog?

Boarding kennels typically have their own on-call vet, but they may also offer you the option to use your own vet if you prefer. If you're boarding your dog at a kennel attached to a vet's practice, it will usually be seen by one of the on-site vets.

Before you book a stay, talk to kennel staff to see if the facility has any rules about attending vets. If you prefer to use your existing vet, make sure to give contact details before you leave. It's also worth asking how the kennels would manage an accident or emergency if your vet wasn't available. Typically, the kennels would default to using their own practice in those scenarios.

Warning: If your dog is taken ill during its stay, you will be liable for any vet's costs. These may also include costs incurred by the kennels during treatment, such as transportation and the administration of medication. Make sure to check these charges before you sign an agreement to board your dog.

Will Your Dog Get Additional Care?

If your dog becomes very ill in kennels, the vet may recommend it is moved to a practice hospital. If it only has a minor problem, the kennels may be happy to look after it until you get back to pick it up. If your dog is off colour, it may need a little extra care and attention, and it's a good idea to ask staff how they manage sick residents. For example, some kennels have isolation rooms away from main boarding areas and closer to staff to allow them to monitor ill dogs more closely in a quieter environment.