How To Choose The Perfect Cattery

From time to time, many cat owners have to put their pets into a cattery.  Although there are plenty of boarding catteries around, they're not all equal in terms of the care and facilities they offer.  So, how do you pick the best 'holiday home' for your pet?  Read on for some tips on how to find a great cattery, and use the handy checklist provided to help you make the right choice. [Read More]

Will My Cat Be Lonely in Boarding?

If you have an affectionate cat who likes to spend a lot of time around you and other people, you may worry about putting it in cat boarding. Unlike dogs, cats don't mingle with other cats when they board, unless they go in as a family group, and staff attention has to be shared out to all of the residents of the cattery. Although your cat may not get the same levels of one-to-one attention it gets at home, good catteries make sure that staff spend time with their animals to stop them from feeling lonely. [Read More]

What Happens If Your Dog Gets Ill in Kennels?

If you're boarding your dog in kennels, like Dogdayz Country Club, while you take a holiday, you won't be around to handle any problems that may happen during its stay. It's particularly important that you can rely on the facility to spot signs of illness and to act appropriately. How do boarding kennels manage dogs that become ill? Who Checks Your Dog's Health? During their regular dealings with your dog, kennel staff should be able to assess if it is a bit below par or showing signs of sickness. [Read More]